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This program exceeded all expectations –
It not only fuels our career growth but also guides us on the path to becoming better individuals.

My expectations were networking and visibility, but this program has exceeded them all.
I’ve connected with amazing people and learned how to hone my skills,
gaining valuable insights about myself in the process.
It’s been a journey of self-discovery and meaningful connections!

— Olayinka

Prepare Yourself To Lead:
Step Into Your Leadership Role With Confidence and Clarity

Leadership is not just a role; it’s a journey of personal and professional growth.

Our webinar, “Prepare Yourself to Lead”, will help you boost your confidence, know your true value and use it as a tool to rise.

During this training, you will learn:


  • What leadership truly means in today’s world and why you should aspire to take up leadership roles
  • The 5 steps you need to take now to prepare for a leadership role confidently
  • How to evaluate your current leadership skills and uncover areas for growth
  • How to fix your mindset and handle self-doubts, and limiting beliefs
  • The secret to getting what you desire in your life and career
  • How to position yourself for exciting job opportunities

Who is This Webinar For?

This webinar is designed for new managers or anyone aspiring to lead. Whether you’re actively seeking a leadership role or simply aiming to cultivate leadership skills for personal growth, the content is tailored to support your journey.

This has been a liberating journey of self-discovery –  I’ve learned not to settle for anything less.

Previously constrained by self-doubts, I often felt compelled to accept anything.
This program has taught me the power of self-worth,
leading me through a transformative journey to never settle for less than what I truly deserve.
I now know my value and confidently approach every opportunity, sure of my unique contributions.

— Margarita

Meet Your Teacher


Led by Leadership Strategist and Founder of Rise & Lead Women, Ebere Akadiri, this 60-minute training will provide step-by-step strategies and easy-to-implement tools to help you get ready to take up leaadership responsibilities.

Ebere Akadiri is dedicated to inspiring and educating women to confidently assume leadership roles through transformative programs and courses. With a proven track record of mentoring women in business and a Master’s degree in leadership and management, she’s deeply passionate about the development of women’s leadership skills. 

Our “Prepare Yourself to Lead” training will help you rediscover your leadership style, boost your confidence, and position yourself to lead.

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This program has personally challenged me, held me accountable, and ignited a drive to be better than ever.

Before joining this program, I was searching for direction, a vision, and the ability to articulate my ambitions.
And so far, within this empowering community of women who have triumphed over challenges,
I found guidance and learned transformative approaches. This program has not just helped me build my leadership;
it has personally challenged me, held me accountable, and ignited a drive to be better than ever.

— Alice

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