Demo Topic A Copy

Topic Overview

This is an example of a topic, which is located inside a lesson in a course. Topics like this are great for breaking down the lesson into manageable parts. Each Topic can have a video and/or text. You either use the Divi Builder or the WordPress block editor.

We wrote it to demonstrate some of the awesome functionality of the Divi LMS LearnDash Child Theme. You can build this lesson content with the Divi Builder or with the WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor. In this particular demo course, we used Gutenberg, but there are other courses here that use Divi.

Key concepts covered include:

  • This course uses the Gutenberg Block Editor
  • If you want you may use the Divi Builder
  • These bullet points are dummy content
  • LearnDash Focus Mode demonstration
  • Accepted media files
  • Example quiz questions
  • Timer demonstration
  • Course workflow

This child theme was created as a way to jump-start your e-learning and courses website. We know how much you love to use Divi, and LearnDash is the best LMS software for Divi. A ton of work went into making this child theme possible, saving you weeks of work and frustration. Just install the child theme, add your copy of LearnDash, and your website will look like this demo in a matter of seconds!