Power Up Leadership Series


This program is a dynamic journey aimed at empowering women in leadership roles. Dive into the art of cultivating influential leadership and honing strategic decision-making skills, essential for women looking to elevate their influence and make a remarkable mark in the professional arena.



Course Highlights

In the corporate landscape, women often navigate a landscape marked by a distinct array of social, economic, and political biases, presenting them with unique hurdles on their path to growth and career advancement. McKinsey & Company’s research unveiled a compelling correlation: organisations with top-quartile gender diversity on executive teams were 25% more likely to achieve above-average profitability than their less diverse peers.


To seize this competitive edge, the Strategic Leadership for Women Certificate program has been meticulously crafted. It empowers women leaders, arming them with both awareness of these challenges and a rich arsenal of tools and strategies. Our aim is to equip these leaders to confidently steer teams and thrive in the evolving workplace landscape, both today and in the dynamic workplace of tomorrow.

Our pioneering Strategic Leadership Program for Women is a transformative experience meticulously crafted to empower women in leadership roles. It’s a journey that hones influential leadership and decision-making skills, igniting the potential of women who aspire to leave a resounding mark in professional spheres.

Investing in this program signifies not only an organisation’s commitment to fostering gender diversity but also positions it for tangible financial benefits. The program catalyses heightened organisational performance and innovation by equipping women with essential leadership skills and championing diverse perspectives in decision-making. In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, it emerges as an indispensable asset, driving both progress and profitability.


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