The leadership development program for women in mid-senior management roles

This program is designed to prepare women in mid-level management roles to move into leadership roles while staying true to their authentic leadership style. Participants learn from the experiences and perspectives of executive role models and thought leaders who have walked their paths. 

Studies have shown that women drop off as they climb the leadership ladder

According to a McKinsey study for Lean In, although women make up 50% of entry-level corporate positions, they drop to 25% at the Executive level and only around 7% at the CEO level. The World Economic Forum states that it will take up to 130 years to achieve gender parity. This means that many women will never achieve their dreams of making the impact they desire. 

We help women gain the personal leadership skills and mindset they need to navigate their careers and confidently step into leadership roles for impact.

Learning Outcome


Get visible with your unique value and gifts


Know yourself and your leadership identity


Gain the courage and confidence to lead in various situations


See yourself as a leader, which influences how others perceive you


Build a supportive mindset to help you navigate office politics


Become more passionate about showing up and making an impact


Build the capacity to manage your personal situation and business demands

Topics at a glance


Authenticity: Know your true self and what you stand for

Finding your “sweet spot” – the value you bring to the table



Visioning: What is the future you desire to create for yourself

Create your leadership development plan with impact in mind



Strategic Relationships: Build your social capital

Connect and network for growth 



Making your value and contributions visible to the right people


Self-Advocacy: Own Your Power

Self-Advocacy: Unlearn your conditioning and use your voice to drive change for yourself and others



Putting it all Together: Lead From Where You Are

Learn strategies for navigating your careers and get ready to rise

“This program was certainly insightful and full of practical lessons that every woman in leadership, or aspiring to be, should apply in their roles. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to paying it forward.”

Oluwabusayo Bamigbola

Vice President, Internal Audit – Finance and Corporate Functions Transformation, Citi Group

There was a moment in my career where I didn’t know which path to take. Joining the Rise and Lead Program gave me clarity about who I am and the value I bring to the table. I learned that we need to be authentic and that we can lead from where we are. This program helped me raise my aspiration to become an executive, giving me the boldness to get more visible and the confidence to reach out to my bosses and my CEO to share my ambition and get involved in change initiatives in my company.

Roberta Avelino

Methods Engineer, Audi Brussels

Learn how to prepare yourself to take up senior leadership roles

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