Rise To Leadership: Women’s Leadership Accelerator

This transformative program is your gateway to mastering self-leadership, crafting a compelling personal brand, and cultivating the unwavering confidence required for ascending to higher leadership responsibilities.

Course Overview


Tailored for:

Ambitious and emerging female leaders.



8 weeks

Weekly Commitment:

Just 2.5 hours of your time


Scholarships available for individual participants


Delivered as an open or in-house training or in a convenient online format

Who Should Join?

The Women’s Leadership Accelerator program welcomes a dynamic mix of women from various professional backgrounds—team leaders, managers, and those aspiring to lead. Our participants represent a spectrum of industries and business functions, contributing to a vibrant and diverse learning community. Each cohort brings together women who recognise and embrace the distinctive challenges they encounter on their leadership journey.

Course Highlights

Our incredible facilitators guide participants on a transformative journey to unearth their unique values, chart their career path with confidence, and cultivate their brand. They acquire the art of building meaningful relationships, harness the power of networking, and grasp the significance of mentorship and sponsorship. Armed with newfound skills, they are poised to lead teams and spearhead initiatives, effectively sharing their visionary ideas with colleagues.

Learning from the Best

Women in our programs can learn directly from accomplished business leaders and role models who openly share their personal and professional challenges. These compelling narratives serve as a catalyst, empowering women to aspire to what they can envision.

A Roadmap to Success

Participants craft a robust three-year career plan by the program’s conclusion, setting clear objectives and actionable steps. Upon program completion, they are invited to join a 12-month coaching Circle, fostering continuous growth and peer networking.

Navigating the Manager-to-Leader Transition

Our program addresses the pivotal shift from management to leadership, equipping participants with the essential skills for decisive action and effective team leadership. It draws insights from established leaders who provide invaluable guidance on balancing career growth with personal responsibilities.

This all-encompassing leadership enhancement program features:


2 days of immersive live or hybrid workshops


2 personalised 1:1 coaching sessions with an Executive Coach and peers


6 engaging online workshops are delivered weekly.


A thorough assessment of leadership capabilities


2 self-paced learning modules


A practical workplace implementation project

Discover your leadership potential, empower your journey, and embark on a path to transformative leadership excellence.

Course Modules

Explore the course modules, this is your roadmap to leadership success.

Your Unique Value: Know Yourself and the Value You Bring To The Table
Confidence in leadership begins with self-awareness. It’s crucial to know yourself and recognise what sets you apart.
Gain awareness of your unique gifts and core skills to understand your strengths and identify growth areas.

What we cover
  • Build self-awareness and know your sweet spot
  • Learn how to make choices and decisions
  • Learn how to maximise your unique skill sets and add value to every table
Tools and Exercises
  • Self-assessment questionnaire for uncovering gifts and core skills
  • Reflection questions to uncover your core values;
  • Your Unique Value Mapping.

Your Vision: Defining career aspirations and creating strategies for achievement.
Clarify your vision and create a plan to get there. Develop strategies to overcome limiting beliefs and habits that hinder growth.

What we cover
  • Define your ambition and career aspiration.
  • Reflect and uncover negative patterns like limiting thoughts and habits, and replace them with a supportive mindset.
  • Map your 3 to 5-year vision and create a strategy for achievement.
Tools and Exercises
  • The Visioning process
  • Vision Achievement Blueprint

Your Leadership Voice: How to Increase Your Confidence and A.S.K For What You Want
Confidence is the cornerstone of a powerful leadership voice. We explore techniques to bolster self-assurance, helping participants to present their ideas and opinions confidently, make decisive choices, and stand firm in their convictions. Participants will emerge with a stronger, more assertive voice, equipped with the skills to effectively ask for what they need and want in their professional journey.

What we cover
  • Overcoming self-doubts
  • Increase your confidence and learn to A.S.K.
  • Step out of your comfort zone and face your fears
Tools and Exercises
  • Your Confidence Booster Kit

Your Visibility Strategy: Developing your brand and expanding your professional network.
You must leverage strategic networks and actively seek opportunities to expand and develop them to exert influence. To attract these networks with ease, you need a visible personal brand.

What we cover
  • Develop your brand
  • Build strategic relationships and expand your professional network
  • Build and expand your influence through Social Media
  • Craft your leadership story and position yourself for leadership opportunities.
Tools and Exercises
  • Personal Branding Grid questionnaire
  • Strategic Relationship Map
  • Personal Leadership Development Plan

Unlocking Impactful Benefits

Discover how our programs drive profound positive change at the organisational and individual levels.

For Organisations


Witness an 89% boost in women’s confidence levels.


Experience a remarkable 70% rise in the propensity for female employees to pursue promotions.


Revel in a remarkable 50% consistent track record of promotions achieved within just 12 months.


Benefit from enhanced employee retention, with a 60% decrease in the desire to leave the organisation.


Cultivate a richer pool of female role models and highly promotable talent, fostering a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

For Individuals


Gain access to a practical blueprint for turbocharging your career trajectory.


Leverage a proven pathway to securing promotions and career advancement.


Rapidly elevate your self-confidence, empowering you to seize lucrative opportunities and seek promotions.


Join an exceptional network of inspirational women ready to support and champion your journey.


Capitalise on opportunities to elevate your personal brand, both within your organisation and externally.


Immerse yourself in a focused and relatable curriculum that delivers tangible results.

Client Feedback

Discover how our programs have transformed careers and organisations through the words of those who’ve experienced it first-hand.

This program was certainly insightful and full of practical lessons that every woman in leadership, or aspiring to be, should apply in their roles.

I am so grateful for this opportunity & I look forward to paying it forward.

Oluwabusayo Bamigbola

Vice President, Internal Audit – Finance and Corporate Functions Transformation, Citi, Canada

It was really nice to see that you are not alone, we are not alone, in facing these questions or situations. It helped me to grow in confidence and the way to address things.

And now, I have discovered that I need to have a plan.

Laurence Mariello

SCS Europe & ISMEA HR BP Director, UPS, Europe

This program is a game-changer – true mentorship propels you forward into the career you’ve been searching for.

Kalita Patel

Engineering Project Manager, Amazon, UK

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