Rise To Leadership Program

Starts March 2023

A transformative leadership development program designed to prepare new and emerging leaders to unleash their potential and thrive at the next level of their careers.

You can lead from where you are!

Your gifts, experience and skills are your tools to rise, lead and make an impact. Figuring it out and learning how to use it confidently and boldly makes all the difference.

The problem is…

For too long, women are overworked, overwhelmed and not rising and fulfilling their dreams and very often, they are shut out of top leadership positions

At the same time, corporations that have the mandate to hire and promote women are struggling to do that

In other words, women’s dreams are being deferred, and companies are not able to capture the value of women’s leadership and contributions

The good news is

You do not need anyone’s permission to rise and lead.

The solution is both internal works that women have to do to unlearn their conditioning and boost their self-worth and practical strategies to navigate their careers and rise.

Based on insights from interviewing over 50 senior female executives, we know that leadership is not about what you do but about who you are and how you leverage your gifts and others around you to effect change. We, therefore, believe that each of us has the capacity to lead from where we are and quickly rise to our desired career destination. This starts with developing greater self-awareness of who you are, your unique values and your contributions and using them as tools to rise.

This sounds great, but how can we make it happen?

We can uncover our gifts and make it visible to decision-makers by taking up voluntary roles that do not fall under our job descriptions.

We can make our own career decisions based on our core values which allow us to be more productive and engaging.

Instead of waiting for the next round of performance appraisal and promotions, we can set our vision of growth and actively speak to our bosses, mentors and sponsors and share our vision with them and ask for their guidance. You will be surprised how that accelerates your growth.

We can make a commitment to overcome barriers to growth like self-doubts, limiting beliefs, and analysis paralysis, but instead unleash our inner confidence, get visible and ask for what we want.

And we can choose to show up confidently, advocate for ourselves and others and lead with authenticity and boldness.

Welcome to Rise To Leadership program

A transformative leadership development program designed to prepare new and emerging leaders to unleash their potential and thrive at the next level of their careers.

What’s Rise To Leadership all about?

This program provides the strategies and framework to show up with your gifts and use them as a tool to rise.

You will use our 5-step framework to uncover your sweet spot or superpower so you can use them to make an impact for yourself and others. We uncover your core values so you can make the right career choices.

You will set your vision in different areas of your life and choose to focus on what matters most to you.

With our proven method, you will uncover the hidden beliefs and habits holding you back from achieving your vision. You will face your fears and self-doubts and unleash your inner Confidence.

And then you’ll take all of that — your gifts, core values and vision, and career dreams — and turn them into a powerful self-advocacy strategy for asking for what you want and getting a seat at any table. 

Because your gifts and talents are your tools to rise and lead.

Roll out each point
This is for you if…

You’re ready to show up as an authentic leader and get a seat at the table.

You are tired of hiding your brilliance and now want to get visible, share your point of view and drive change within your company or network.

You desire to accelerate your leadership journey.

Sign up today and get

6 training modules with live Q&A sessions 

A complete workbook with tutorials, exercises, case studies, and checklists to help you put what you’ve learned into action.

6 weeks of LIVE mentor sessions with invited senior executives and role models. 

One year of access to the course materials and a private community for ongoing support and networking.

Here’s everything we will be covering

Know Yourself – the value you bring to the table

When you understand your gifts, you can use them as a tool to rise. In module one, we will cover how to uncover your gifts, core skills and interests. You’ll also learn how to decide where to apply them in your career. You will also gain clarity on who you are, how you inspire and what is most important to you.

Uncover Your Core Values

Did you know that consciously or unconsciously, your core values guide your decisions and choices? They drive every decision we make in every situation, whether in the workplace, in business, or in personal relationships.

This module will help you identify your core values and use them to make important career decisions.


Are you clear about where you want to go and how far you want to go in life, career or business? If you are unclear about where you want to go and how far you want to go, chances are you will never get very far in life or your career. In this module, I’ll guide you on setting a vision in different areas of your life. You will be able to uncover hidden beliefs and habits that stop you from reaching your desired career vision. In the end, you will craft a 3-year Vision & Plan to help you clarify your career direction and the future you want to create for yourself.

Showing up with Confidence and authenticity

Visibility is an important career tool. In this module, you will receive the tools and tactics to unleash your inner confidence and show up as your authentic self. You will be inspired to raise your hands to opportunities and ask for the next role in your career.

Becoming Your Own Advocate

Once you understand your sweet spot-where you shine, it’s time to let decision-makers know about you. In Module 5, I’ll show you how to accelerate your career growth by reaching out to mentors and decision-makers and getting visible at work and on social media. We’ll also talk through tweaks you can do to your bio and how to sell yourself on an interview table or promotion panel.

Putting it all together: Create your leadership story

In the end, you will have the tool you need to choose work and career to align with who you are, your beliefs, your desires and your interests. We will polish your CV, Linkedin profile and elevator pitch so you can present yourself as ready to rise.

At the end of our time together, you’ll leave with a plan, the knowledge and inspiration you need to show up and lead with authenticity. 

Are you ready to rise to your next career level?

We start in March, 2022. You will receive 6 weeks of mentorship, plus a year of access to the course materials AND the private community for ongoing support.

Are you ready to rise to your next career level?

Our faculty

Our world-class faculty features leadership experts and executives who share actionable and practical tips based on their wisdom and several years of experience. 


What happens after I sign up?
After signing up, you’ll immediately receive a confirmation email from admissions@riseandleadinstitute.com indicating your login credentials and how you can access your member portal with these credentials.
How does the mentoring session work?

Our faculty of thought leaders and C-Suite executives will share strategies and real stories of their journey to senior leadership roles. In addition, they will share the lessons they have learned and offer support to emerging women leaders to pay it forward.

What do we expect from you?
  • Attend the live group sessions (60 minutes per week). If you are unable to attend, recordings will be made available to you. However, to get the maximum out of this program, we strongly recommend that you attend the live group sessions.
  • Complete the self-paced worksheets and individual assignments between the sessions (2 hours per week). It is this personal work that will help you improve your leadership and make strides in your professional development.
How much time do I need to commit to the whole program?
If you plan to work through the live program in real-time, we recommend between 2-3 hours per week to join the live session, watch (and re-watch) the training, complete your assignments and exercises and — if you’d like — engage with your mentors, other participants, and the community. If you cannot dedicate that much time, don’t worry. You get 1-year access to the program and can work at your own pace, on your own schedule.
Can I contact you to know more about the program?

Absolutely! Please contact admission@riseandleadinstitute.com for more information