PowerUp Leadership Program

This 2-day executive leadership programme is designed to help women in leadership amplify their influence, impact and visibility and step into executive and board roles.


Who is it for?

Women who join the Accelerator program may be team leaders, managers or aspiring leaders. Participants work across all business functions and industry sectors.

Each cohort comprises diverse women acknowledging the unique challenges they face. 



Studies have shown that more women in leadership equals greater profitability. The PowerUp Leadership Program supports the organisation’s aspirations to attract, promote and keep women in executive positions to achieve balanced leadership.

To achieve this, we need more role models at the top. Therefore, this program amplifies women’s influence and visibility and equips them with strategic leadership skills to rise and stay on top.

The program centres on aligning participants’ expertise with the company’s strategic goals and covers authentic leadership skills, strategic decision-making, corporate governance, communication and finance, ensuring participants are well-prepared for Executive and board membership responsibilities.


Corporate Benefits

Strengthened business performance linked to enhanced gender diversity.
Improved retention of talented women in the workforce.
Quicker career progression for women, leading to a robust pipeline of female leaders
Brand attractiveness to younger demographics, who prioritise gender diversity in the workplace.
Expanding the pool of female mentors and leaders to guide and encourage the next generation of women professionals.

Individual Benefits

Exclusive access to industry leaders, including prominent CEOs and influential figures, in a focused environment.
Access to practical experience and tailored career planning.
Mentorship from successful women leaders equipped with insights on overcoming professional challenges.
Involvement in a robust network of motivational and supportive women.
Opportunities to develop and amplify personal branding within the organisation and the broader professional community.