A Private Network for
Exclusive Women Leaders.

The Iconic Leaders Club is a private network that connects a diverse range of women executives for peer support, mentorship, and high-level networking that is meaningful and valuable for continuous success in leadership.

Members’ Benefits

The Club

Get connected to vetted, high-level peers from diverse backgrounds and industries. Our private membership app enables you to strategically connect and share valuable ideas with our members and get access to digital resources that can help grow your leadership and impact.

Professional Development

Get access to interactive and hands-on workshops designed to help you accelerate your leadership journey and impact. High-level experts and industry executives deliver our in-person and virtual seminars. Topics are based on members’ demands, leadership challenges, and business needs.

Peer Learning Coaching Circle

Get connected to a small group of women executives from diverse industries and at the same career level in a safe space, sharing experiences and ideas and getting the support and advice you need to navigate your career and manage real-life leadership and business challenges.

Dinner Networking Series

Join our quarterly exclusive member networking meetings, featuring special guests who are female role models, CEOs and female icons. These sessions combine a Q&A section with flash mentorships and a happy hour.

Leadership Resources

Gain access to practical and relatable insights from the experiences and knowledge of iconic leaders to support your thinking and continuous growth.

Our Members

Our members are senior-level executives across different industries and often have titles like, CEO, President, SVP, EVP, Senior Director, Directors, Managing Director and Senior Managers, with 12+ years of professional experience. All members are evaluated based on their seniority, background, impact, and demonstrated history of advancing others.

We are building a global community of women executives who make an impact and leave a legacy for the next generation.

The leadership journey doesn’t have to be lonely.

We often hear that it’s lonely at the top. Leadership is not lonely, but being one of the only women in a room full of men can be challenging for many women. Connect and build meaningful relationships with high-level senior executives from diverse backgrounds and industries. Engage in peer-to-peer mentorship and strategic networking in our private community and in-person events.

To ensure we provide a safe space and valuable connections, members can only join by invitation or through being nominated by other members. Our leadership team will vet all applications.