A 12-Month Exclusive Learning and Coaching Program Tailored for Ambitious Mid to Senior-Level Female Professionals Eager to Make a Profound Impact and Step into Leadership Roles

Program Overview


Tailored for:

A driven female professional ready to make 2024 exceptional.



12 Months


Learning modules, interactive workshops, invaluable networking, and more.

Who Should Join?

This program is for you if you are a dedicated female professional, poised for growth, determined to achieve new heights in your life and career, and primed to seize the opportunities that await in this promising year of 2024.

Key Program Features

Get a quick overview of the program’s core components, key benefits, and the transformative journey that awaits you.
Explore Program Activities:

Leadership Development workshops: X4

Facilitated Coaching Circles: X6

Accountability Pods & Networking Meetings: X4

Q&A Interview Series with C-Suite Executives: X4

Leadership Masterclasses: X3 (Plus 4 optional Connect2Grow Session)

Learning Outcomes


Effective Leadership Mastery:

Acquire the skills, strategies, and mindset essential for effective leadership, enabling you to lead with confidence, influence, and impact.


Strategic Career Advancement:

Develop a comprehensive career roadmap, honing your ability to strategically position yourself for career progression, promotions, and executive roles.


Network and Peer Support:

Cultivate a robust professional network, access peer support, and harness the power of mentorship to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and thrive in leadership positions.

Benefits of Leadership Coaching

Unlock the Power of Leadership Coaching to:

Enhanced Leadership Skills:

Develop and refine your leadership abilities through personalised coaching and tailored learning experiences.


Career Advancement:

Accelerate your career trajectory with strategic guidance, insights, and resources to propel you into leadership roles.


Confidence Boost:

Gain the self-assurance and self-belief needed to lead effectively and navigate the challenges of leadership.

Networking Opportunities:

Connect with a diverse community of high-achieving professionals, fostering valuable relationships and collaborative growth.


Mentorship and Insights:

Learn from top executives, industry leaders, and experienced coaches, absorbing their wisdom and benefiting from their guidance.


Personal Growth:

Experience personal transformation as you develop a holistic approach to leadership, balance work and life, and attain a deeper sense of self-awareness and fulfillment.

Program Highlights

Ready to supercharge your leadership skills, fast-track your career growth, and climb the leadership ladder? Join an exclusive community of ambitious women to gain access to cutting-edge career insights, proven leadership strategies, and wisdom from female role models, C-Suite Executives, and experienced coaches. Our intimate Leaders Circle cohorts, limited to eight dedicated female professionals, prioritise peer support and accountability, ensuring personalised attention to propel your leadership journey forward.

What You’ll Get:


Monthly dynamic coaching calls unravelling pivotal career and leadership dilemmas.


Personalised one-on-one sessions with a seasoned executive coach.


Exclusive Interview Series featuring insights from top executives and industry trailblazers.


A close-knit community of high-achievers for ongoing interactions, peer coaching, and networking.


The chance to partake in an exclusive 2-day in-person training event, complete with enriching learning modules, interactive workshops, invaluable networking, and more.

Explore Membership…

Take this chance to explore if the Leaders Circle 2024 resonates with your goals. When you apply, you’ll gain comprehensive insights into the program. If you meet our criteria, we’ll extend an invitation for a conversation, and if we both see the synergy, you’re invited to become part of the Leaders Circle 2024.

Unlocking Impactful Benefits

Discover how our programs drive profound positive change at the organisational and individual levels.

Client Feedback

Discover how our programs have transformed careers and organisations through the words of those who’ve experienced it first-hand.

This has been a liberating journey of self-discovery – I’ve learned not to settle for anything less.

— Margarita Prokhorova

Project Director, The Kraft Heinz Company

This program is a game-changer – It shattered my doubts of insignificance and imposter syndrome, revealing my true worth.

— Martina Prusnik

Logistic Officer , Knauf Insulation Slovenija

This program is a game-changer – true mentorship propels you forward into the career you’ve been searching for.

— Kalita Patel

Engineering Project Manager, Amazon, UK

This has been a liberating journey of self-discovery – I’ve learned not to settle for anything less.

— Dr Alice Martin

Program Manager , @ CHAI

This program exceeded all expectations – It fuels our career growth and guides us toward becoming better individuals.”

— Olayinka Opaleye

Wellbeing Specialist

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