With our Leadership Development Workshops, you can learn from the experiences of more than 100 established leaders in various sectors. Our program is based on insights gathered through conversations with these senior women over five years, and provides custom-tailored content that will make you more effective in your leadership role. Learn how to make a lasting impact on your organization with our specially developed online programs and courses. Unlock your true potential – start now!

Becoming An Effective Leader

Leadership is the art of influencing people in a particular direction to achieve a common goal. Being a leader is more than just managing people; it requires the ability to inspire, motivate, and influence others positively. In today’s business world, organizations need strong leaders who can guide their teams through complex challenges and drive them towards success. In this course, we will explore the role of a leader within an organization, differentiate between leading and managing, and discuss how to develop subordinates for success.
In this workshop, participants will learn to:

✔ Understand the roles and responsibilities of a leader within an organization,
✔ Differentiate between leading and managing,
✔ Effective ways to coach & mentor subordinates for success.

Check back for dates for 2023 sessions.

Maximizing Your Potential: Strategies for Optimizing Internal Value in the Workplace

In today’s competitive workplace, it is crucial to understand your worth and know how to advocate for yourself and others. By optimizing your value, you can not only boost your own career prospects, but also contribute to a more supportive and inclusive work environment.

This training program will provide you with the tools and strategies you need to maximize your potential and build a strong internal support system.

Check back for dates for 2023 sessions.

Rise To Leadership

Most leadership trainings designed for women always assumes that to succeed in your leadership journey, you need to adopt a dominant identity somehow, even if it means letting go of your femininity and authenticity. You are often advised to hire a voice coach to fix how you talk, sound or look so that you can express authority. And the list goes on. These are helpful tips that help shape how people perceive you, but they don’t make you a leader.

In this workshop, participants will learn to:

✔ Implement the strategy, practical tips, and processes they need to develop their leadership authentically,
✔ Understand how stereotypes and our socialisation keep women stuck and learn how to get free,
✔ Understanding their core gifts, unique value and contribution to help them know who they are and lead from that space.

Registration opens soon for 2023 sessions.

Learn How To:

Identify and articulate your unique value proposition.

Negotiate your time and your desired roles/responsibilities.

Build relationships with mentors, sponsors, & advisors who can help you achieve your goals.

Through interactive workshops, role-playing exercises, and case studies, you will gain the skills and confidence you need to navigate the workplace with greater ease and effectiveness.

Our Faculty

Our world-class faculty features leadership experts and executives who share actionable and practical tips based on their wisdom and many years of personal experience.

Our Unique Differences

Practical, Actionable, and Proven

Our courses are taught by experienced leaders, not trainers. They are practical, actionable and proven to accelerate women into senior roles.


Diverse Perspectives

We create a trusting and inclusive environment to facilitate open dialogue with women from diverse backgrounds, industries and sectors.


Experiential Learning

Our curriculum is designed with real-life lessons from female executive role models, which provides insights into relatable and day-to-day leadership issues women face.


Year-long Learning Community

We bring women together to network with peers, accelerate their growth and elevate their voices on pressing corporate issues and provide opportunities for them to mentor young leaders.


This program was certainly insightful and full of practical lessons that every woman in leadership, or aspiring to be, should apply in their roles.
I am so grateful for this opportunity & I look forward to paying it forward.

Oluwabusayo Bamigbola

Vice President, Internal Audit – Finance and Corporate Functions Transformation

It was really nice to see that you are not alone, we are not alone, in facing these questions or situations. It helped me to grow in confidence and the way I now address things.
And now, I have discovered that I need to have a plan.

Laurence Mariello

UPS SCS Europe & ISMEA HR BP Director

The opportunity has been an eye-opener. Amidst every other thing, one thing that I will never forget is the fact that I have the right to ask for what I want in my career.
There is no point in playing small. If I want it, and I know that I deserve it, then I should ask.


Adebola Kupoluyi

Head of Operational Services, Africa, American Tower Corporation