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Ready to step into your next leadership role?

Learn from the experience and insights of established leaders from various sectors


Our programs are designed to prepare women in mid-level management roles to move into leadership roles while staying true to their authentic leadership style. Participants learn from the experiences and perspectives of executive role models and thought leaders who have walked their paths. 

Why Rise & Lead Institute?

Studies have shown that women drop off as they climb the leadership ladder

According to a McKinsey study for Lean In, although women make up 50% of entry-level corporate positions, they drop to 25% at the Executive level and only around 7% at the CEO level. The World Economic Forum states that it will take up to 130 years to achieve gender parity. This means that many women will never achieve their dreams of making the impact they desire. 

We help women gain the personal leadership skills and mindset they need to navigate their careers and confidently step into leadership roles for impact.


Rise & Lead Institute is a Leadership Development firm that provides learning resources to accelerate women into leadership roles. We offer actionable strategies and insights gained from experienced executives to help women understand how to navigate the corporate ladder and lead for impact.

We help women achieve their professional goals, supporting companies to achieve gender parity in leadership.


Diverse Perspectives

We create a trusting and inclusive environment to facilitate open dialogue with women from diverse backgrounds, industries and sectors. This helps participants share their unique experiences and perspectives while learning from peers’ experiences on topics important for career advancement. 

Experiential Learning 

The immersive learning, panel sessions, and peer-led mentoring circles provide opportunities to learn from the experiences of our Executive Role Models and peers. Our curriculum has been designed with real-life lessons from business leaders that provide insights into relatable and day-to-day leadership issues women face. Participants have a lot of room to reflect, engage and decide how to apply their learning at work.

Strategic Relationships with peers and executives

Participants are invited to join an alum group of peers and senior leaders whom they can call up to share their wins, challenges and progress for ongoing professional development.


Our faculty

Our world-class faculty features leadership experts and executives who share actionable and practical tips based on their wisdom and several years of experience.