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Get Visible with Your Brand

Marguerite Soeteman teaches you how to get visible with your personal brand.


5 modules

Uplevel your leadership to your next level. Learn at your own pace.


In-person and virtual training workshops to help you unleash your leadership and impact

About Rise and Lead Institute

We believe that having more women in senior leadership roles benefits everyone.

However, the ecosystem is unequal and unfavourable to women. Women still occupy less than 30% of senior management roles. We want to change that.

 RLI is a European-based leadership development company for women. We educate and inspire young and established leaders to become iconic leaders. We do this by providing practical and applicable training, resources and mentorship for women at all levels of the corporate pipeline.


 Our faculty of thought leaders and C-Suite executives share strategies and real stories of their journey to senior leadership roles. In addition, they share the lessons they have learned and offer support to young leaders to pay it forward. Rise & Lead Institute breaks down these iconic leaders’ experiences and stories into actionable leadership development strategies and impactful content through courses, podcasts, videos, and articles. 


The result? More women have the skillset and mindset they need to 

confidently step into leadership roles and make a difference for themselves, their organization, and their communities. 

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Inside the Institute…


60 mins

Learn from stories of iconic leaders who share their strategies so you can too.


5 modules

Uplevel your leadership to your next level. Learn at your own pace.

In-Company Training

In-person and virtual training workshops to help your team unleash their leadership and impact


Why Learn With Us?

There was a moment in my career where I didn’t know which path to take. Joining the Rise and Lead Program gave me clarity about who I am and the value I bring to the table. I learned that we need to be authentic and that we can lead from where we are. This program helped me raise my aspiration to become an executive, giving me the boldness to get more visible and the confidence to reach out to my bosses and my CEO to share my ambition and get involved in change initiatives in my company.

Roberta Avelino

Methods Engineer, Audi Brussels

The program was actionable, and the exercises were eye-opening. They helped me to reflect and hold myself accountable to execute my goals. I particularly liked the exercise that encouraged us to take immediate action and reach out to people we need for our career advancement. I also liked the part where we reflected on things that hold us back, like fear or analysis paralysis and learning the importance of taking action despite our fears or discomfort. I love the vision setting session. It helped me to create a long-term vision for my career and in different areas of our life. I have always set goals, but tracking progress and making myself accountable for achieving my goals was exciting.

Esmée To

Technical Consultant at Salesforce Netherlands

“This program was certainly insightful and full of practical lessons that every woman in leadership, or aspiring to be, should apply in their roles. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to paying it forward.”

Oluwabusayo Bamigbola

Vice President, Internal Audit – Finance and Corporate Functions Transformation, Citi Group

“It was really nice to see that you are not alone, we are not alone, in facing these questions or situations. It helped me to grow in confidence and the way to address things. And now, I have discovered that I need to have a plan.”

Laurence Mariello

USCS Europe HR Manager, UPS

“The opportunity has been an eye-opener. Amidst every other thing, one thing that I will never forget is the fact that I have the right to ask for what I want in my career. There is no point playing small. If I want it, and I know that I deserve it, then I should ask.”

Adebola Kupoluyi

Head of Operational Services Africa, American Tower Corporation

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Whether you plan to grow in your leadership or succeed in business, you will walk away with the knowledge that you can lead from where you are with what you already possess and with who you are – your authentic self.

Your gifts are your tools to rise and lead and knowing how to uncover and use them makes a big difference.


Our Unique Difference

Actionable content delivered by top executives

We invite C-Suite executives who share their experiences and lessons learned in their leadership journey. They offer one-to-one coaching, facilitated mentor sessions and masterclasses. Participants leave the Program with actionable tips and new perspectives to practise in their workplace.

A focus on Unique issues women face

Our programs are specifically designed to address issues women face when climbing the corporate ladder and create a safe space to share experiences and seek non-judgmental insights outside the organisation.

Opportunities for strategic networking and ongoing support

Participants are invited to join a support group of peers and senior leaders who they can call up to share their wins, challenges and progress. Alumni enjoy follow-up webinars and in-person meetings for ongoing professional development.

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