Rise & Lead Institute is a leadership development ecosystem, providing strategies and practical steps to accelerate women to senior leadership roles. Our goal is to increase the number of high-achieving women occupying executive leadership roles. We provide access to resources, including leadership training and mentorship for professional women.

Who we are

The Rise & Lead Institute was created by Ebere Akadiri, a leadership strategist, entrepreneur and founder of the Rise & Lead Women Foundation. Ebere founded Rise & Lead Women in 2018 when she recognized a gap in conferences and conversations that inspire women to lead. Since then, she has conducted training, interviewed high-achieving women, and organised several summits and events for women in leadership. Although Rise & Lead Women focused on supporting women in mid-management to accelerate their leadership journey, Ebere recognized yet another gap. She realised that executive women, who are often tasked with being role models and mentors to younger women, face unique challenges in their efforts to climb the corporate ladder.

These women, though qualified, are overlooked for top leadership roles.

Rise & Lead Institute prepares women in senior and executive roles to take up spaces in the C-suite.

Why Women?

Women bring unique value to organisations, yet their value is often ignored.

Studies have shown that women executives continue to feel unsupported, under-valued and unfairly rewarded for their contributions, leading to self-doubt in leadership and eventual ‘quiet quitting.’ A recent study reveals that women leaders are leaving their companies to join other companies that share their values in unprecedented numbers.

The bigger problem is that the ‘great break-up’ could affect how younger women approach leadership, which means women will continue to be underrepresented at leadership levels.

We want to change the narrative for women leaders.

Having conducted over 100 interviews, panel dissscussion and closed-door executive roundtables with high-achieving women, we know that there are many leadership challenges that women leaders face as they climb the corporate ladder.

We have found several areas of continued professional development & improvement which will support high-achieving women in the workplace and business and close the leadership gap. We will cover these topics in our professional development programs and courses.

Achieve your career and business dreams and make an impact in your company and community.