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Welcome to the Rise & Lead Institute, a dynamic collaboration between Rise & Lead Women and Ascent Leadership & Development, two powerhouses in leadership program development. With a track record of nurturing executives and organizations, we excel at propelling women on their career journeys towards coveted executive positions. What sets us apart is our innovative approach, blending data-driven insights from a vast network of accomplished women in C-suite positions with the expertise of seasoned professionals and thought leaders across diverse industries. Our programs are meticulously crafted to supercharge leadership skills, ignite inspiration, and equip women to excel in executive roles and make transformative impacts within their fields.

About ascent leadership & Devlopment

Ascent excels in the art of collaboration, forging strategic partnerships with both businesses and academic institutions to craft educational programs that transcend theory and venture into the realm of real-world applicability. Our programs are nothing short of meticulously designed masterpieces, immersing participants in the vital domains of leadership development, innovation, diversity, equity, inclusion (DE&I), as well as pioneering corporate mentorship and sponsorship initiatives.

What We Do


We are committed to fostering a vibrant culture of continuous learning, growth, and mutual support within our clients. At the core of our philosophy is the empowerment of women in executive roles and the cultivation of workplaces that not only embrace diversity but also seamlessly integrate it into the very fabric of corporate culture.


We aim to universalize leadership education, making it accessible to everyone. Our ultimate goal is to significantly amplify the representation of women in leadership positions and magnify their economic impact.


We need individual and institutional change to bridge the gender gap in leadership. Research underscores the essential need for both personal growth and systemic transformation to bridge this divide. That’s precisely why, in addition to our robust professional development initiatives for individuals, we’ve forged strategic alliances with forward-thinking businesses. Together, we’re actively shaping inclusive workplaces and equipping women with the tools they need to excel. Our commitment extends beyond individual success; we’re dedicated to advancing societalprogress, championing global gender equality, and fortifying the economy through a talented and diverse workforce.



Empowering More Women to Lead

Unleashing the untapped potential in every woman.


Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

We champion a world where everyone, regardless of gender, has an equal opportunity to pursue their


Leadership as a Lifelong Quest

We believe that true growth is an ever-evolving
journey, one that thrives on continuous learning.


Balanced Leadership for a Brighter Future

Inclusion doesn’t mean exclusion; we advocate for a harmonious blend of talents and perspectives, fostering a balanced and progressive leadership landscape.

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