Your First 90 Days as a Leader

The 6-step framework to guide new managers through their critical first 90 days of leadership.

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Course Overview


Tailored for:

Tailored for emerging and seasoned leaders stepping into new roles or organisations.


Self-paced + Optional 6 weeks Coaching


Participants engage in dynamic virtual sessions via Zoom, featuring interactive workshops and personalised coaching to address individual leadership challenges and goals.


February, June, & September 2024


“I have seen new managers promoted to higher roles without specific leadership training. They need leadership development training to help women succeed in any leadership role. Companies serious about closing the gender leadership gap must be prepared to develop a pipeline of leadership-ready managers within the industry”.

- Ebere Akadiri

program director , Rise & Lead Institute and founder of Rise & Lead Women.

Who Should Join?

This program is ideal for new managers, leaders transitioning into higher roles, andc professionals embarking on leadership journeys. It caters to individuals seeking to enhance their leadership skills, navigate the complexities of new roles, and establish a strong foundation for success. Whether you’re transitioning within your current organization or stepping into a leadership role in a new environment, this program provides invaluable guidance and support to help you thrive in your new position.