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Rise & Lead Institute is a leadership development platform designed to support diverse women in senior executive management roles to accelerate their career journeys and become leaders who make an impact. We offer courses that leverage the experiences and wisdom of executive women and coaches who understand what it takes to succeed in a corporate setting.

Advance female leadership and diversity

The Rise & Lead Institute is designed to allow women to achieve their professional dreams while helping organisations to close the gender leadership gap.

We educate and inspire today’s leaders to become tomorrow’s iconic leaders. We’re doing this by providing companies and organisations globally with access to leadership education..

The program curriculum is built on insights and knowledge about the secrets to rising, gained from conversations held with over 100 senior women, over a period of five years. We break down their strategies and experiences into actionable, practical content through specially developed online programs and courses. We invite some of them back for a live Q & A session.

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Our Programs 

PowerUp Your Leadership program

The Power-Up Your Leadership program is designed to support diverse women in senior and executive management roles to gain leadership insight, competence and knowledge for personal and professional growth.

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Rise To Leadership program

The Rise To Leadership program is designed to support diverse women in mid and senior management roles to gain confidence and skills for personal and professional growth.

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Iconic Leaders Lounge

The Iconic Leaders Lounge is an inclusive space that connects diverse women executives for professional development, peer support, mentorship, and high-level networking that is meaningful and valuable for continuous success in leadership. We bring women together to accelerate their growth, elevate their voices on pressing global issues and network with peers.

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Our Faculty

Our world-class faculty features leadership experts and executives who share actionable and practical tips based on their wisdom and many years of personal experience.

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