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The New Leadership Success

Equip your leaders with the tools and mindset to meet new challenges and grow your bottom line.

Did you know that a company with ineffective leaders in decision-making positions will experience loss of top talent, productivity, and revenue? Today’s leaders must be prepared to embrace change, forge new relationships, deal with new challenges, and lead with their hearts and minds.
To get more women into these leadership positions, companies must prepare them to succeed. This process involves tackling personal challenges and creating a roadmap to prepare managers for fast-paced demands and a competitive business climate.

The Rise and Lead Institute’s framework is designed for:

  • Senior managers struggling to advance into their next role
  • Newly promoted managers
  • Emerging leaders

Our programs and training encourage personal reflection and stress action points.

  • We encourage and give helpful feedback.
  • Our moderators provide expert input and insight in ways to improve individual and team performance.
  • All content is practical and actionable.

The New Leadership Success Framework

Your leadership brand & presence.

Know your sweet spot, develop your core values, and define your brand.

From managing to

Create your 90-day plan.

Relationships skills:

Learn how to instill confidence and how to repair broken trust.

Speaking up:

Become more comfortable with difficult conversations.

Being a visionary:

Learn how to recognize challenges before they occur and brainstorm ways to fix them.

Strategic skills:

Develop enhanced decision-making skills, including communicating and delegating.

Coaching and mentorship skills:

FInd out how to unleash your team’s hidden potential. Use feedback as a tool for development.

Becoming Resilient:

Build methods to handle change and uncertainty.

Building empathy.

Find new ways to develop emotional intelligence.

Self-care and Wellbeing:

Find balance, create routines and rituals, set boundaries.

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